How to Earn Money From snack video app Pakistan 2021

By | July 6, 2021

We can earn money from the Snack video app in many ways which are very easy and real earning sources of income, but to tell about how you can earn money from Snack video we will tell you what snack video is, how we can use it and in which ways we can earn money. In this article, we will tell you what Snack video, its uses, and how you can earn money from it. Snack video is an app that works like a Tiktok but the difference is to earn money. By using the Snack video app you can earn money but this function is not available on Tiktok videos. On Snack video app videos are made by using background music, film dialogue, or any drama
scenes. On snack video, you can upload a short video, watch, and download. You can earn money from Snack video in many ways which we will explain in this article in detail.

How To

  • Download and use the Snack video app
  • Make an account on the Snack video app
  • Use Hashtag to make video viral on Snack video
  • Make and earn money from snack video
  • Withdraw money from snack video app

How to download and Use the Snack video app

  • Open the Following Link To Download the Official Snack video app
  • Then click on the installed Snack video app
  • After some seconds snack video app will be downloaded to your telephone.
  • Now you can watch a video but to upload any video on the snack app you need to make your account on snack video which method is given below.

How to make an account on the Snack video app

After downloading the snack video app from the Google play store you can simply make an account on the snack video app. You can make their account on snack video in various methods in which two

methods are common and easy which are

  1. Log in through Facebook
  2. Log in through Google account.
  3. Through Facebook-To log in through Facebook you need to enter your Facebook Email ID and
  4. password
  5. Through Google account, To log in through Google account you need to just click on Google
  6. account. After that, your Google account which was uses in your phone will be automatically logged
  7. in.
  8. Enter the invitation code 846 932 145
  9. done

Withdraw money from snack video app

  • Click On Coin Icon
  • Then Click Withdraw
  • Chose Amount
  • Withdraw Amount Like Rs 50, 200, 500, 1200
  • Chose Easypaisa and Jazz Cash
  • done
  • Your Payment Proceeding within 3 days.

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